From a young age I have found that people often follow me. In a humorous way I sometimes notice people asking me questions or (literally) following me when I hadn’t intentionally taken on leadership. (I sometimes say while walking some where: I hope you’re not following me, because I don’t know where i’m going!)

I have held both staff and volunteer positions as leader mainly in educational and not-for-profit (“social profit”) organizations.

My work often results in a more complex organizational structure; higher levels of volunteer engagement and facilitating new directions for the group.  My talents are best used in an organization that is open to learning and change.

Most recently I worked as arts administrator for the Community Arts Council of Vancouver moving to a volunteer base of 50 and creating new and sustainable programs with mainly volunteer time and project funding. Previously I was the Executive Director of a national not-for-profit during a period of intense change as the Canadian organization took on responsibilities from a U.S.-based (much larger) organization.

As a consultant, I can support organizations where change, communication and increased connections are the needs of the time. Skills in policy and procedure drafting; synthesizing complex information and summarizing key points may assist a move forward.

As a leader, I am not afraid to “get my hands dirty” – I pitch in where needed as part of a team trying to get something done in the best way possible with the resources available.

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