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June 23, 2016

No straw. No ice. No cream. No sugar. Please.

I just posted the following to White Spot’s facebook page. I knew that avoiding plastic straws was going to be challenging. The friend I was with suggested I get a business card size item made and just put on the table any time I’m at a restaurant. Since I drink my coffee black, thought I’d add that too. A retired sign-maker calls these the, “no no no no no” signs.


NO STRAWS PLEASE. I recently pledged as part of a focus on eliminating plastic straws to not use them. The trouble is, it’s so rare I have a hard time doing a “preemptive strike”… Now most stores ask: do you need a bag? In the old days, you had to be quick and say; NO BAG. I HAVE MY OWN. Serving a plastic straw with water (came with ice, even though I did say NO ICE.) is just not a good thing. Please stop automatically putting plastic items in beverages. You know what? I’ve heard Tofino restaurants now have PAPER straws. This could be a White Spot Heritage thing – Nat Bailey didn’t use plastic straws, right?

November 23, 2015

I must make a list of my favorite men of 2015… Nenshi, Justin and the Pope for starters

December is always a reflective time for me. I’m an inveterate maker of resolutions and I enjoy the rhythm of the holiday season from celebrating, preparing for celebrations and just pondering on my own the meaning of (my) life. I live alone and have lots of family and friends.

As I was “liking” and “sharing” this morning on facebook, I started thinking of all the prophetic and just genuinely nice and smart men I have been liking this year.

On Sunday I listened to the CBC’s Sunday Edition and “met” another smart and nice man:

Meet the Canadian who wrote Pope Francis’s climate change letter: The Paris summit will go ahead, despite increased security in the wake of the attacks. Michael talks to Jesuit scholar Michael Czerny about how the Pope’s moral urgency on climate change and the need to move away from consumerism, are both firmly rooted in theology.

He sounds a little like one of my other favorite men, Gil Fronsdal, whose audiodharma Buddhist podcasts often calm and inspire me.

And all of those men I’m related to by blood or affiliation–you know who you are–it’s a pleasure!

May 8, 2015

Green Party – Predictions of Sunny Weather with Claire Martin

I just learned that Claire Martin, everyone’s favorite weather person, is the Green Party candidate in North Vancouver.

Sunny. Definitely sunny.

Congratulations to all concerned.

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