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April 4, 2011

Grandparental Advice

I’m liking the ad about would you let your grandparents vote for you/pick your dates. My grandkids are too young for me to do either, so if you’re not yet voting (and eligible), I’d be happy to offer really good advice on either dating or voting
Voting Advice

  1. do it
  2. remember: no one really knows enough to be sure they’re making the right choice
  3. by doing it you get better at it.
  4. stay loyal unless there’s a good reason to switch
  5. remember: there’s a reason why it’s a secret ballot: you don’t have to tell if you don’t want to.

Dating Advice



And another thing: strategic voting is ok, but strategic dating – not!


April 3, 2011

Environmental Art on Traffic Circle gardens

The City of  Vancouver has this great Green Streets program – whereby people can adopt a public garden to tend. Erin is really supportive and flexible and so a group through community arts council are doing environmental art on 4 pieces of land at 8th and Trimble.

Meanwhile I’ve adopted the circle at 6th and Trafalgar – TraSixth so to speak.

I want to do a spiral herb garden, with the walls built from branches, maybe woven or such – and signage to encourage people to clip and snip some fresh herbs.

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