Art Workshops

Mixed-Media Basics

Three 2-hour sessions $70

These 3 sessions cover the basics of mixed-media art from getting an idea to choosing a size and type of background through practice with various textural techniques and then finishing off with mediums and gels.

Each session will start with a show-and-tell (looking at examples—mine and yours), then some demonstrations with materials. You’ll have a chance to practice the techniques and then we’ll have a discussion to wrap up the session – including what you’d like to do next.

You can bring one to three very small canvases each session. These may be sacrificial pieces—just for practice.

You’ll want to bring a notebook to write down what we do. As we’re a tiny group, questions are encouraged. A notebook means you’ll have a place to record the answers.

Five 2-hour sessions $100

Mixed-media basics – playdate with Mary

Instructor: Mary Bennett

Location(s): Vancouver
Topic(s): Mixed/Other Media
March 17, 2015April 14, 2015
Sessions: 5
Fee: $100

Learn basics of mixed-media, from mediums and gels to textures and layering.
Demonstration, discussion and practice.
Each session is two hours 2-4pm
This is for a tiny group of 2-3 people in my studio.
1 – starting – ideas, choosing a background, gesso, initial layers
2 – adding texture – leaves, cloth, objects – techniques for adhering successfully
3 – more additions: rubber stamps; photo transfers; packing tape additions
4 – gels, glazing, dripping, pouring
5 – resist and addition techniques e.g. rubbing alcohol, salt, plaster wrap

Bring 1-3 small pieces for each session to practice the techniques on. You’ll build up your own reference library.
Some materials will be provided. You’ll receive a list of suggested supplies.
If you work on something between sessions, we’ll start with a show-and-tell and suggestions for next steps.

none – just let me know a bit about what you already know so I don’t bore you or conversely assume you know something you don’t.
Supply List:
  • cardboard, matte board, heavy paper, wood panels or canvases approximately 6″x9″
  • bring your own brushes
  • OPTIONAL: I’ll send a list of optional supplies
Special Instructions:
an evening or weekend series can be set up if there’s interest.

Mixed-Media not-so-basic

Prerequisite first course or equivalent – Three 2-hour sessions $70

Putting it all together – mixing and matching various techniques

Extending your knowledge and skill – and we’ll definitely find some new techniques to try out.

More about acrylic paints, gels, mediums and other products, too.


These are very small groups that meet in my studio in Kitsilano.

Contact me for the next offering.

Comment from participant

“I wanted to learn some texturing, blurring, & layering techniques for collage. Mary is an actual fount of knowledge about mixed media. But in our sessions, she zeroed in surgically on what each person specifically wanted to learn, which was great. She has all the stuff, so you can experiment and find your mode without a big layout of money. She explains well, demonstrates, answers all your questions, then frees you to experiment without judgment. Seeing what the possibilities were from her demos, then playing with all the stuff in her lovely bay-windowed studio — that was really fun.”



This 3-hour team session starts with scribbling, goes on to self-portraits and a collage that gives a team representation to the mission of the team. We use children’s art development as a frame within which to loosen up creativity and communication.

Facilitated conversations can focus on team issues such as:  self-care; communication; team work flow or simply celebrating team successes.

Each workshop is customized and I bring all of the materials to your group.

KindergARTen for Adults

A workshop for adults who are usually scared to play with art the way small children do–uninhibited and without a focus on the product.

We use finger pant, crayons, playdough etc to play at making art. Insights are optional but frequent.

This series can be in various formats – I’ve done 6-week series and a weekend retreat. Focused more on personal development rather than team work.

Artist Talks and Demonstrations

I have also delivered artist talks and done demonstrations on mixed-media techniques.

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