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April 16, 2015

A naked woman learns to spin

I am half-Danish and exploring my half-Danishness with a friend who grew up with the Danish parent who talked about being Danish. Mine ran away from home at 15 or so and beyond teaching me to say “I love you” and counting from one to ten, I didn’t consciously learn about being Danish. But now I realize I am Danish to my very cells.

ScheherazadeLatest learning is a Danish proverb: Necessity teaches a naked woman to spin (a yarn).

Many Danish proverbs (but not that one) found here.

Before I found the “a yarn” part, I pictured her spinning – something like below. And it reminded me that when you’re having a lucid dream, if you imagine yourself spinning you’ll stay in the dream. Otherwise people wake up almost as soon as they realize they’re dreaming.

Read about spinning while dreaming here.

I also found it listed as a Scottish proverb here:

My father used to say a Scot is just a ship-wrecked Dane, which I’ve never understood really.

Early-Type-of-Machine-for-Spinning-Rope-Yarn egyptian-spinning Fairy_Tales_From_The_Brothers_Grimm_Three_Spinsters_3_By_Walter_CraneSo now I’m still wondering if spinning  a yarn is like with a spinning wheel or spinning a story like the Arabian Nights.

Just for fun, google “Danish naked woman spinning” and see what you get!

Here’s an interesting link about optical illusions of spinning women:


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