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January 31, 2015

Alpha to Omega and Home Again

IMG_20150126_085421-1Labyrinths have been of interest for some time  maybe 20 years. Almost. And now I’m revisiting my interest. Labyrinths are on m mind –and on my easel.

Here’s a 16″x16″ one that I’m calling “Alpha to Omega and Home Again”. It was inspired by an image a friend sent me with a finger labyrinth that looked like it was words cut from magazines on a black background.  Mine also has words but, as is my wont, I’ve partially covered them with acrylic paint, Kroma crackle, self-levelling gel etc.

The little bubble that says “Talk” in the lower left is about “no talking on the labyrinth.”

I have three others in progress. I’ll post after I work on them a bit more.


Never Felt So Good – Labyrinth inspired by sand labyrinth at Spanish Banks by Les (c) Mary Bennett – early stages

One is  25″x62″ collage representing the labyrinth in the sand at Spanish Banks.

Another is on a 30″x40″ canvas that I think will be a group project.

The little one on canvas board might not work out. Some art has to get sacrificed. Sorry. That’s the way I work.

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