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October 21, 2008

Falling Into Time – Mary & Louise’s Art Show

6 squares/ green & rust - paper

Louise Bunn

My friend Louise Bunn and I will have a shared art show at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver for November through December. My work is a series of mixed media collages on the days of the week (and some reference to the gods & goddesses and planets they are named for.) Louise has been fascinated by geology, so our first attempt at a title for the show was: Days of the Week Rock…

Then we realized we were both interested in time whether that of our days (short-term) or the geological formations formed over eons.

Here are two of Louise’s recent pieces that will be on display.

Louise Bunn's Black/Rust/Orange paper piece

Louise Bunn

And here’s my collage of “message day” (Wednesday – the day of Mercury/Hermes, the messenger god – “mercredi” en francais.)

Message Day (Wednesday)

Message Day (Wednesday)

October 19, 2008

Stressful week? why not SCRIBBLE?

Monsters to scribble over or with from The Scribble Book published by The Tate

Monsters to scribble over or with from The Scribble Book published by The Tate

It’s great to do a degree in Art Education: You get to go back and do all the things children do that you might not have enjoyed as much the first time around. I was terribly inhibited about anything other than numbers and letters. My older sisters had “played school” with me, and I’d been an apt learner. But I got used to being at the top of the class, and they hadn’t bothered to do art, music and physical ed with me.

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October 7, 2008

Beauty and Integrity – a nice ring to it, but…

I went to an all candidates debate on Arts & Culture last night and learned that Green supporters were having trouble finding “Arts and Culture” on the Greens platform. It’s there! I learned that it’s under BEAUTY & INTEGRITY.  Adriane Carr, candidate for Vancouver Centre (a hotly contested riding) said, leader Elizabeth May evidently said something like “Beauty should be there.”  I’m with you, Elizabeth – AND… if we’re comparing Arts & Culture platforms, one shouldn’t need to be too creative in order to find your stance.

I’m among the hordes that haven’t decided 100% how to vote on October 14, but I’ll be at the polling station for sure.  Following the polls and considering strategic voting.

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October 3, 2008

Holy Hybridity, Batman! John Caputo & Bill Maher bend my mind

I feel like my brain went to some kind of a weeklong workout this week – and realized it was a bit out of shape.  A bit like when you get too much sun, or take a long bike ride, or after Thanksgiving dinner binge. Similarly, I vow to be more moderate, and disciplined in giving my brain some exercise.

A friend with a pass to Religulous, the new movie with Bill Maher, invited me to the preview. It was funny and fast-paced, and I actually learned some things along the way. About the Jefferson Bible, Mormon underwear and the Vatican astronomer for starters.  See:

The next day I went to the first of 3 public lectures with John Caputo at UBC. If the movie was an array of appetizers and snacks, Caputo presented not one but three large meals – that I’m still digesting.

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