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February 26, 2013

Blank Canvas

I just love diving into a new painting. With acrylics or mixed-media, there’s just no way to go wrong. It’s bold and exciting. Me – not scared of a blank canvas! It’s the next stage I find challenging, and the one after that is terrifying. At stage 3 I typically think it looks worse than it did at stage 1 (maybe even worse than stage 0 (i.e. the blank canvas!) 

But, oh, how I love starting.  Osprey nest on 20″x30″ panel has begun.

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February 23, 2013

Nest artists

The more I talk about nests, and share my works in progress for my upcoming show, the more artists I’m getting to know who are also enchanged with nests -the birds who make them.

Locally in Vancouver area

Linda Jane Schmid

Stefany Hemming

Vicky Marshall

Suzanne Northcott

Shirley Williams


Mary Reardon – Halifax, NS


Songmi Park

Liza Myers  Robin’s Nest / Visionary Realism

Sharon Beals  Photographs of 50 Nests

Nests : fifty nests and the birds that built them – book by Sharon Beals

Artists who have done nests but are not totally obsessed by them:
Kata Meija

Linda Apple

An archive of old nest photos/books etc

February 10, 2013

Eagle Older Sisters

As I work on mixed-media nests (with poetry incubating)… I am learning  a lot about nests and the birds that build them.

A little shocked at first to learn that eagles lay two eggs (rarely 3) but there intention is to have one child.

And my younger brother thought things were tough with three older sisters.


Chicks – Sometimes two chicks will survive, but it is not uncommon for the older eaglet to kill the smaller one, especially if the older is a female, as females are consistently larger than males. Should one chick decide to kill its sibling, neither parent will make the slightest effort to stop the fratricide.

February 4, 2013

I love working with Jamie @vanmaritime

I love working with Jamie @vanmaritime and Kay Slater and all involved in Come down on Mon Feb 11 1-5pm.

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