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July 13, 2009

Work & Play

I was talking with a kindergarten teacher who corrected me when I talked about the children’s play.

It’s their work, she admonished.

I know that.

Then, as someone entering elderhood, I wondered:

If “play” is children’s “work”; and “work” is adults’ “work”, what is the “work” of retired people?

Should they be blessing or witnessing or extending the evolution of consciousness? Something like that, I think.

July 13, 2009

N is for Necessary

My grandson, Lukas, is three and a half. He’s now way beyond the initial stages of language acquisition. Last time I visited, he used the word “necessary” in a sentence. I loved the way he said it so much, I’ve forgotten what the sentence was about.

“Necessary!” I said, “What a lovely word. It feels good to say it even. Neccccccccccesssssssssssary,” I strung it out. with its sibilants.

“Lukie, what are your other favorite words?” I asked.

Lukas was wrapped in thought for some time and finally responded with, “Grandma, I like all the words.”

A poet in the making, I’d say.


Grandkids and Grandmas

All the words


July 13, 2009

ABC’s – a work in progress

I’ve been thinking about – and some times writing about – an abcediary.

The idea started as A is for Aging – for all the baby boomers (like me) who are discovering the other side of the Endless Summer.

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