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December 31, 2012

Loss and Healing

Here is the talk I gave at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver on Sunday, December 30, 2012 as part of our annual Fire Communion.

Loss and Healing

Opening remarks – Context of the World Transition, Loss and Healing

– Mary Bennett

We are gathered today to mark the transition from the old year to the new year – As the song goes: Fast away the old year passes. While the winter solstice marks a natural shift in the universe marking the moment after which the days get longer and the nights shorter, New Year’s Eve is made up – A convenience to agree on certain kinds of secular acts – such as donating money to be valid in this tax year and an excuse for one last party in December.

It can provide a reminder to us to reflect on the past year, to acknowledge the highs and the lows and get ready to step into the new year.

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December 2, 2012

Word-a-day advent calendar – 25 new words as a gift to you!

On the bus going to the Advent choir concert I heard someone in the next seat use the word “egregious” (a favorite of mine and of my friend Bill – who frequently thought people were.)

I don’t know if anyone’s done an advent calendar of words, but it seems like a good gift for my grandkids. (Wish I’d thought of this before advent started… maybe next year.)

Some of the seasonal words I had a hard time getting when I was a kid included:

  1. manger
  2. herald as in herald angels
  3. quake
  4. frankincense
  5. myrrh
  6. moor
  7. exultation
  8. troll as in Troll the ancient Yuletide carol, (I knew about the trolls in fairy tales
  9. tidings as in O tidings of comfort and joy,
  10. certain as in: Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay… I still don’t understand if this is certain shepherds as in particular ones or certain as a verb. Can you certain someone?
  11. employ as in let men their songs employ
  12. righteousness
  13. and…virgin as in round yon virgin mother and child.
  14. Now that I think of it, I wasn’t all that clear on “yon” either.

So just 11 more needed for a full set.

December 2, 2012

Next Bee Walk – Sat. Dec 8 2pm

The next Bee walk will be Saturday December 8 starting at 2pm – near my traffic circle at 6th & Trafalgar – depending on weather we may start indoors. So be sure to register so I can notify you if the starting point changes.

You can register on Facebook here:

Or send me a note to

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