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July 18, 2016

Insert Words – and she did

If you’ve heard about the 91-year-old woman sometimes called “the old lady”, crone, “hapless pensioner”, granny or… retired dentist who took the title of the piece as instructions you might be interested in seeing the piece by Arthur Kopcke. I didn’t find it easy to find an image and still am curious about the size. My understanding is “Insert Words” is the title of the piece. Here’s a link to (not very good) images:

He has others titled “Fill with Imagination” – showing a white hole in the centre. Maybe someone will do an Arthur Kopcke colouring book so we can all add to art works that could be mistaken for cross word puzzles and fill collages with our own imagination. Indeed, I might do a series as homage to Arthur Kopcke along with my “Signs” series.

Good thing no one took the piece titled “Cut Along the Lines” literally.

The series is called Reading Work Piece. I learned Kopcke died in Copenhagen and has another series that in English (translated from Danish) means Best Partial Contexts.  Now, that I could fill with my imagination!

Here’s the Telegraph article:—only-to-discove/

What did she use? A ballpoint pen it seems.

Through my google searches I learned a lot more about the other artists who were part of the Fluxus movement. Several had pieces in the recent MashUp exhibit at the



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