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May 16, 2016

International Visitors to the Vancouver Unitarian Labyrinths


Unity Way Labyrinth – the “home” labyrinth of our visitors.

On Sunday, May 8 (significantly the day after World Labyrinth Day), I was working on “my” labyrinth at 49th and Fremlin (one east of Oak).

A couple arrived, looked at me quizzically and said, “We’d like to walk the labyrinth.”

“Of course!” I said enthusiastically, and moved to pruning the hedge so they could enjoy some privacy.

When they finished, they hugged. And then they each took a photo of the other on the “flower labyrinth”.

So I felt it was OK now to approach them and ask how they knew about the labyrinth.

Here’s their story. They live in San Diego, attend the Unity Church which has a labyrinth. They were here on a trip celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They were travelling to Vancouver on World Labyrinth Day so didn’t get to walk a labyrinth. They went to the Labyrinth Locator (where I had just registered our two labyrinths a week or two prior) and we weren’t far from where they were staying.

“There’s another one here.  We’re going to walk it, too,” they said.

“Great!” I responded and pointed, but they were already well on their way to the courtyard having done their research.

BTW, this year World Naked Gardening Day (the first Saturday in May) was also on world Labyrinth Day. Boggles the mind.

May 7, 2016

Art and Philosophy at DOXA Documentary Film Festival

Compared to some of my Unitarian friends who prioritize the (overtly) social justice films at DOXA, I always feel like a little bit of a light-weight as I go to the schedule and click “art” and “philosophy” to select my top picks. That said, I was volunteering last night with a first-time volunteer who was of the social justice priority type, affirmed that “art is about social justice.” I so like nice people.

She and I got to go in to see “Love Bite” about the art of Laurie Lipton. Filmmaker Scott James was there and we got to tell him afterwards that we were both going home to google “Laurie Lipton”.

Her current work is commentary on the negative side of the U.S. culture and society, especially technology and greed.  She calls the series Techno Rococo.

She comments in the film that when she was speaking to a group of high school students about her critique of how the country is going, she was asked: But what are you DOING besides complaining?

Her answer: I draw.

She draws about 12 hours every day.  To see what she produces (currently very large pieces, approximately 6′ x 9′) go to her website or facebook page (where close to 150,000 people LIKE.

Lots more films at DOXA – If art is your thing, The Final Escape on Tuesday night is about the cave drawings in France. It’s my top pick. I begged to move my book club in order to attend (They complied.) #doxa2016




May 7, 2016

Walk a Labyrinth today – for World Labyrinth Day

FremlinLabyrinth2016-03-19Yes, there really is a World Labyrinth Day. And it’s today–May 9th.

I’ll walk the labyrinth at the Unitarian Church tomorrow because today I’m caught up with DOXA Documentary Film Festival.

The 49th and Fremlin lawn/flower labyrinth is doing well and attracting neighbours. Yesterday we planted some spring bulbs a friend gave me – leftover from her best intentions last fall when they didn’t get planted. The “Just Kissed” tulips felt a little soft but the White and Yellow “Cheerfulness” daffodils seemed in good shape. Hopefully they’ll settle into the ground, enjoy the summer and be ready for next spring to share their cheerfulness.

Plants, especially bulbs, are very welcome – seeds too. Just no invasives please and nothing that’s likely to grow beyond 24″.

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