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September 14, 2014

Good night, My Fringe.. 33 shows: a personal best

OK, so I came home from the awards night and decided to count my shows – I told a friend 25 or so.  33!  !! yay, me!

Anatolia Speaks
Best Picture
Chariot Cities
Clutter and Contamination
Didn’t See That Coming
Emergency Monologues
For Body and Light
Greatest Monkey Show on Earth
Jem rolls
Little One
Lord of the  Files
Magic Unicorn Island
Poison Apple
Puss: Reboot
Roller Derby Saved My Soul
Seaside Stories
The Human Body Project
The Masks of Oscar Wilde
The Quitter
The Unfortunate Ruth
Verbal diarrhea


September 13, 2014

Last Two days of Fringe for 2014 – Where’s Mary?

Last Two days of Fringe for 2014

I’ve been Fringe-ing more and writing less. But I thought I’d at least post the shows I’m going to this weekend. Maybe see you there? Saturday @4:30pm Slumming at Studio 16 (Granville & 7th)

Lord of the Files 9pm@False creek Gym, Granville Island

For Body and Light – The Cultch Sunday 12:45pm

Definition of Time- The Cultch 2:30pm


I’ve seen so many good shows,I’m whittling down what was going to be a “top 3” list, but will have to be “top ten!”

September 8, 2014

I am done Spanking the Ass of Culture: My reviews are completed.

I was a volunteer reviewer for this year.

Just got this message.

Hey Mary,

Status of your reviews:
Received and Posted:
Balls REPLACED BY The Human Body Project
Verbal Diarrhea, etc.
Puss: Reboot
I am waiting on the following reviews from you:
You can see my reviews here.

I’m done! and now have an entire 7 days of Super-Pass Fringe fun ahead of me with no obligations.

Will I see you tonight at the Havana? Wednesday at Cultch? Thursday on Granville Island?

September 8, 2014

Days 3-5: stay tuned for Mary’s personal best

Day 3 Saturday (6 plays for a total  of 13)

On my way to a personal best.

TES, didn’t see that coming; roller derby saved my soul

Jem rolls, verbal Diarrhea, Greenland


Day 4 Sunday 6 (fora total of 19)

The Hatter, Shakuhachi Quest, Clutter and Contamination, The Quitter, Magic Unicorn Island and Muse.

Yes, everything they say about Jayson McDonald (Underbelly and the Giant Invisible Robot) and Magic Unicorn Island is true. Not sure about whether that’s the best title, but a show this good doesn’t need a great title. Title makes sense after you see the show. but it is not, repeat not,a family friendly production.

Day 5 (Monday)– we head to the Havana for Best Picture (I’m a total Tara Travis fan).

And maybe catch one or two other East van shows.

September 5, 2014

Fringe Day 2: Mission Accomplished 4 Plays in a day

Yes! I did all of this:

5pm Emergency Monologues – amazing. if there weren’t so many shows I’d go back and hear a different selection of the 40 stories on the Wheel of Misfortune.  Fr. om sad to silly always with a measure of insight and compassion.

6:45 The Masks of Oscar Wilde – Loved it. There seemed to be a glitch with the light box. no light. other than that, this could actually be a “real” play – beyond the fringe.

8:30 The Unfortunate Ruth  I heart Tara Travis and she’s done it again. There were lots of us there and we loved her.

10:05 Puss: Reboot – I grabbed a quick IPA but passed on the Perfect Storm in time to catch this rather odd little mashup. it’s (partly) about a lost key and I kind of felt I’d lost the key as well.  Didn’t get it, I’m afraid.

in there somewhere I plan to check out the Revision recycled art exhibit at the Granville Island Hotel. Opening 7-9pm

September 5, 2014

Fringe 2014 Day 1 – 3 plays

And we’re off!

Did “Balls replaced by The Human Body Project” on Thursday at 5pm. Then to the Firehall Arts Centre for Mom? A Comedy of Mourners and Junk! the Musical.

You can only see one – go for Junk!

I’m reviewing for Plank Magazine this year – so check out my reviews here:

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