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May 7, 2014

Internet Addiction at DOXA

Heading down to DOXA to see Web Junkie and stay for talk by my friend Giles Slade.

May 7, 2014

Stimulating Community Through Art

For New Year’s this year, I made a resolution to publish something once a week. Twitter or facebook posts didn’t count. Blog posts or e-newsletter articles did count.
Mayday! Mayday! May Day is both an emergency call and a spring celebration, so a good time to revisit those resolutions made in the depths of winter. To use a gardening metaphor: Time to look for the sprouts emerging from seeds cast in January. Thin them out. Pull out the weeds. Remove the slugs.
A friend of mine still recalls vividly when as a child she helped her neighbour weed the garden and pulled up all the plants, not knowing which were which. Her face went pink as she told me that story – even 40 years later.
Plant identification for my resolution is in order. Here’s my updated resolution:
I will write a post every week that stimulates community through art.
Conversations that happen around art have a greater potential to connect people at an intimate and deeper level than, say, conversations about the weather or sports. At least that’s how it works in my life.
It’s possible to have an argument about art, of course. But more often art allows for many perspectives and perceptions. On the weekend I exhibited with Artists in our Midst and enjoyed hearing what people saw in my paintings. Sometimes they articulated something I hadn’t put into words. One person said every nest painting seemed to have its own story. Another said it had soul. Other times people shared reflections that were about them not me. A friend who had just returned from a trip to South America saw cheetahs, not nests, in the trees of one painting.

Freak Out Movie poster
This week I’m volunteering at DOXA, the documentary film festival. I’ve enjoyed all of the films I’ve seen so far, and enjoyed the connections made with other volunteers. Triggered by talking about the film Freak Out! I learned from a journalism student from Colombia about communes formed by Afro-Colombians.
Later, I went to the Freak Out! Website. I sent a note saying a) I enjoyed the movie and b) you might want to fix these typos I noticed. This morning there was an email directly from the film-maker, Carl Javer, thanking me.
How has art stimulated community in your life?


May 6, 2014

2909 West Broadway

I exhibited for Artists in our Midst the first weekend in May at my MLA’s Community Office.

And they’re still there. Drop in and say “hello” to Dave Eby, his amazing staff, Gala, Chantille and Juney – and enjoy my paintings. Here’s a list in pdf and below.

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