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June 10, 2011

Ephemeral Labyrinth Day 2

I added rhododendron blooms around the outside circle and yucca leaves as spikes to embellish.

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From June 2011 – 949 West 49th Avenue – east side of Unitarian Church

June 8, 2011

Ephemeral Labyrinth

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Oh, it’s lovely to have an idea – you could even call it a vision – and have friends’ support for realizing it.

In past years, some of us have used spray cans of chalk (like used for sports meets) to paint a temporary labyrinth. From hanging out with some community environmental artists, I had this idea of using clippings from the property to “paint” the labyrinth.

The rhododenrom flowers were past their prime but make a lovely centrepiece. We’re going to try to keep it “alive” by adding material every few days. I’ll post photos as it changes.

from June, 2011

June 4, 2011


After a hiatus of a couple of years, I’m going to work with a few friends to create a labyrinth at 49th and Fremlin on the Unitarian Church’s grounds in Vancouver.

I’ve gotten interested in environmental art, especially Sharon Kallis’ collaborative, ephemeral designs using seeds and invasive materials. So I’m thinking we’ll create the labyrinth using prunings from the grounds.

Looking around for inspiration, here are some interesting links I found:

Pine cone design labyrinth

Ephemeral labyrinth at Burning Man 1999

Sand ephemeral labyrinth on Toronto Island – Barbara Bickel

Guerrilla Labyrinths

World Labyrinth Day – first Sat. in May


Kids building and walking a simple labyrinth

Time-lapse video of a 10′ diameter backyard labyrinth

and the one I wanted…

temporary labyrinth made of twigs and leaves on Iona – and kids running on it

and one I wasn’t looking for but like made from shopping bags filled with air.

paper bag lights labyrinth – they do this at the Roundhouse every Winter Solstice too.

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