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June 29, 2008

Tarot Art

I’m working on a series of mixed-media collages based on the Tarot deck.

My friend Karen, noting my rather compulsive purchasing of tarot decks, kept saying: I think there should be a Bennett deck.

It’s a couple of years ago now, when I decided to start such a project. I decided on the format 8″ x8″ wood pieces of any depth and decided *not* to focus on completing all 78 pieces or even the 22 Major Arcana pieces, but to do them in any order according to whim.

I also decided it didn’t matter if anyone else recognized the card or not – they would be my personal meditations on the Tarot.

I’m pleased to say that 30+ are now complete and were shown at the Naam Restaurant in Vancouver last year.

My friend Helen has chosen some to post with her poetry on the Tarot Major Arcana at:

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