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August 20, 2008

Personality Type Differences – not content with only 4 letters?

Many people have done the Myers-Briggs Personality questionnaire (even more have done free “knock off”s in books, magazines and the web.)  If you recall that once in a classroom or board room long ago someone gave you your 4letters, you are among those who have “done” it.

For over a decade, facilitating sessions like this for team building in organizations was a major part of my organizational consulting practice. Since then, I’ve had a full-time job for 8 years that’s kept me busy. Now I’m revisiting consulting and the MBTI in particular.

What was the expanded analysis report has become Step II – but the idea is the same. For each of the 4 polarities (extraversion-introversion; sensing-intuition; thinking-feeling; judging-perceiving) you get 5 “facets”. This can be particularly interesting for people who might have scored close to the mid-point overall, but may discover some strong preferences on some of the facets. I’m interested in helping partners and teams who are very similar on their 4 letters discover how to use the more detailed results to deepen their understanding of themselves and develop more creative, collaborative relationships with others.

Here’s what wikipedia says about Step II:

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