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August 9, 2012

Painting sidewalks (etc.) in Vancouver

I’ve been watching the number of cross-walks, streets, intersections, sidewalks being painted increase.

Personally I like this trend, although I saw a rant in the WestEnder from someone who didn’t.

Here’s some of what I’ve learned from following along:

For chalk painting, put tempera on first – white or black usually. So the chalk adheres more. Now I did also hear from a Kits resident who painted tempera during her block party to find it didn’t wash off quite as easily as she’d imagined.

You can turn ordinary latex or acrylic paint into chalkboard paint by mixing 1tblspn unsanded tile grout to 1cup latex or acrylic paint. If the kids get to paint the concrete (in this case it was a short wall not a flat surface, they get double pleasure the painting and then chalking it up later. I’m told:  The kids just love it. Of course they do!!

There’s controversy over whether you can get a permit for street painting in Vancouver. One person told me you couldn’t (and some interpret that as: oh, I don’t *need* a permit since they don’t give them!) but I know the St. George’s Blueway folk got a permit.

There’s fancy paint that’s high grip and meant for roads (like the street marking paint) – you can get it mixed any colour you want, of course.


I was hoping for the: use up all that leftover paint – no problem – answer, but it seems it’s more complicated than that.

Do *please* comment here and add photos if you see roads, sidewalks etc. that have been painted.


August 9, 2012

Choosing Fringe Shows

For years I only went to the Fringe when I had a friend who would do the research and tell me what to go to – and would stand in line with me – and go out for beer afterwards.

Then one year I was given a pass (oh, how lovely that was). I’d done some pro bono consulting and it arrived in the mail as a total surprise.  I could go to anything – so I didn’t take choosing as such a serious endeavour. Along the way – of course, you frequent fringers know this already – I discovered the rich diversity that is Fringe.

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August 9, 2012

Chosen to be a Captain

Last year I really enjoyed my frequent fringer pass. So I bought one again.
and then got inspired to volunteer. I kept seeing all these notices from the Vancouver Fringe: We need 750 volunteers. We have 500. We have 550. We have 600. So, I thought: I could make that 601! and so I did.

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August 7, 2012

Writing Poetry in Public

Met with my friend Keith, the poet, this a.m. We have a standing agenda of items to discuss. Usually we both have some kind of electronic device and wind up googling for something.

Today I took him (electronically) to Henko: A Powell Street Many Ways Renga. Keith knows all about renga and was intrigued with the “many ways” adaptation.

You can see the poem here:

It’s kind of a choose-your-own-adventure poem.

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