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April 28, 2015

Best labyrinth ever – at 49th and Fremlin

Labyrinth20150426 I had a great group working with me to create a labyrinth on the grounds of the Unitarian Church at 49th & Oak – well, the labyrinth is on the Fremlin (east) side of the church.  (Someone asked me if a Fremlin is something like a Goblin. Maybe. Maybe the Fremlin is in the centre of the labyrinth and if you’re very quiet and respectful while walking, he’ll come out to meet you in the centre and share a secret word or two with you.)

Bonus for the church is that we pruned the hedge, which was in desperate need. It was Huguette’s idea to actually stick the branches UCVLabyrinth2015-04-26-26into the ground.  The centre part is made from rhododendron petals that were just at their best-before date.  I’ve used rhodo flowers before. They work well because (a) they’re so beautiful and (b) they’re a little bit sticky, so they don’t fly around in the wind.

It was windy enough on Sunday, that all the little twigs were waving hello-goodbye but staying in theucvLabyrinth2015-04-26-air place. Last time I used that hedge (it’s prolific) I just placed them on the ground and after a windstorm I had quite a cleanup to do.

UCVLabyrinth20150426 (2)People are invited to keep walking it. I’m told two teen boys enjoyed it on Sunday as did Noella and Cohen, as well as an assortment of adults.

You are invited to add to the labyrinth to keep it fresh – bring your cut flowers that are past their prime and add. Bring your pruning shears and cut some of the hedge and twist/push it into place, especially around the outer perimeter.  We’d prefer not to have stones, as eventually the lawn is intended to be mow-able once again. The people who mow however are very grateful – and well, moss, isn’t all that great to mow, and it’s more moss and weeds than grass at this point.UCVLabyrinth20150426 (4)

I actually hope laying on organic material will kill the moss/grass/weeds underneath and that’ll make it easier for us UCVLabyrinth20150426 (6)to dig a little trench and plant bulbs.

Cindy reminded me there are fall crocuses, so that stage may come sooner than I’d thought.

If you have extra bulbs to donate, let me know.







Photo credit: Nancy Strider

Please request permission before reposting or copying.


April 20, 2015

DOXA hardcopy program guide in hand

I went to the DOXA Documentary Film Festival orientation on Sunday and now (joy!) I have an actual physical large hardcopy of the festival program. You can get one at any JJ Bean’s. Speaking of which this year you get a 10% discount at JJ Bean’s during the festival with your membership card.

I found myself saying when asked what we returning (as opposed to old) volunteers liked that

a. it’s broadened my idea of what documentary film is all about

b. there’s a nice camarderie among volunteers and with staff

I have a good friend who retired last year who came with me and said that she was there because I had spoken so well about it.

This is how community builds. Knit one. Purl one. Just keep going.


April 17, 2015

DOXA 2015

I’m volunteering with DOXA Documentary Film Festival again this year and looking forward to catching a few premieres.  I tend to search the Art, Literary and Cinephile genres first of all, but also open to my activist friends who want to recommend something that’s not too terribly depressing.

Here are some of the ones that look interesting to me at this point. Most films are only shown once, so unlike the Fringe you can’t really wait for the post-show buzz to make your decisions. Many listings on the website include trailers, reviews and comments.

Since my schedule doesn’t permit my going to all of these, I hope you will and let me know how it goes!

Seth’s Dominion
Even Though the Whole World is Burning
On the Trail of the Far Country
Caged Birds
Canadian Hobbies
Seven Deadly Digital Sins
Theory of Obscurity
She’s Beautiful
Le Nez
The Yes Men Are Revolting
From My Syrian Room
Dark Star




April 16, 2015

A naked woman learns to spin

I am half-Danish and exploring my half-Danishness with a friend who grew up with the Danish parent who talked about being Danish. Mine ran away from home at 15 or so and beyond teaching me to say “I love you” and counting from one to ten, I didn’t consciously learn about being Danish. But now I realize I am Danish to my very cells.

ScheherazadeLatest learning is a Danish proverb: Necessity teaches a naked woman to spin (a yarn).

Many Danish proverbs (but not that one) found here.

Before I found the “a yarn” part, I pictured her spinning – something like below. And it reminded me that when you’re having a lucid dream, if you imagine yourself spinning you’ll stay in the dream. Otherwise people wake up almost as soon as they realize they’re dreaming.

Read about spinning while dreaming here.

I also found it listed as a Scottish proverb here:

My father used to say a Scot is just a ship-wrecked Dane, which I’ve never understood really.

Early-Type-of-Machine-for-Spinning-Rope-Yarn egyptian-spinning Fairy_Tales_From_The_Brothers_Grimm_Three_Spinsters_3_By_Walter_CraneSo now I’m still wondering if spinning  a yarn is like with a spinning wheel or spinning a story like the Arabian Nights.

Just for fun, google “Danish naked woman spinning” and see what you get!

Here’s an interesting link about optical illusions of spinning women:


April 9, 2015

Join me to create a labyrinth

Labyrinth Workshops

Create a temporary outdoor labyrinth on East side of church

Sat. April 25 2-5pm meet in Lindsey-Priestley, Hewett Centre

Learn about labyrinth walking as meditation and walk our labyrinth

Wed. April 29 7-9pm – meet in Lindsey-Priestley, Hewett Centre

come to one or both – DONATIONS to cover COSTS appreciated

Mary Bennett has been interested in labyrinths for nearly 20 years, has done workshops and paintings of labyrinths. For several years, she with a small group created a temporary labyrinth at the church – this initiative is to invite others to join us to do so.

Registration through office at 604-261-7204 or to is appreciated.

Sponsored by the

Adult Religious Education Committee

of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver

949 West 49th Avenue at Oak, Vancouver BC 604-261-7204

Join us Sundays for worship at 11am, forum at 12:30.

Many other events are open to all.

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