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August 22, 2013

Fringe Kicks Ass – Here’s my list so far

Fringe2013-221x300I am volunteering as a Venue Captain (“VC” to you) again for the Fringe and my reward is a Kick-Ass Pass.  Last year I didn’t even know that when I signed up.  The volunteer shift schedule is pretty demanding (8 4-hour shifts) so I think it’s fair that VCs get to book in advance. Otherwise we’d sign up as front of house for 4 4-hour shifts and stand in line. Kick-Ass has a total bonus to be able to bring a friend as well! I’m very popular in some circles these days.

I’ve been poring over the huge schedule. I hope to again basically make Fringe my life for those 8 days and see as much as humanly possible.

Here are the Fringe plays I hope to get to:

Braced at the Firehall

Unexpected Guests at the Netloft

Searching for Dick – Havana

Claret and Amber – Cultch

Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter – Cultch

Kitt and Jane- Cultch

You Killed Hamlet


Promise and Promiscuity

Bad Connections?

In the Boudoir

The Troll and 3 Lesbians

The History of Canada

and with the grandkids – Johnny Tomorrow Chronicles or Unpossible – their choice.

If only it was possible to go to both on the same day!  Schedule overlaps by 15 minutes! drat!

Tip to Fringe programmers: There aren’t many family-friendly fringe events. Please program them soa grandma can take the grands to 2 on the same day.  Going to just one Fringe show just doesn’t share the experience of Fringy-ness.

August 21, 2013

Jane with Bird – in progress from plastic jugs


Jane modelling a bird module as a purse. Bound to attract attention on West 4th!


Mary behind a melted conglomeration of detergent bottles.

Five of us had fun last night – good food, good conversations and approving the plan for the bird! We think it’ll work!

Several modules including one with  a head and tail wings that have water in them so they float and stabilize the bird.

Wings will be from plastic milk jugs.

YES. We need your detergent bottles. Save ’em up and bring in September.

August 17, 2013

I’m taking part in Blog Action Day October 16

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