Visual Art

Mixed-media collage is my preferred approach, although I often do acrylic and watercolour paintings as well.

Concepts are important in my work – often a series grows out of an exploration of some ideas. I tend to read, write, converse and think a lot before beginning to make visual art – not something I’d recommend, just the way it is for me.

My current project is a series called “Incubating Poetry” with poet and friend, Keith Wilkinson.

I have done series based on the 7 Chakras, the 4 directions, the 7 Days of the Week (and planets and gods/goddesses associated)  and the Seven Unitarian Principles.

I am interested in Tarot and have completed 32 interpretations of the 78 tarot cards.

Recent work was inspired by the bi-centennial of Charles Darwin’s birth. I found the phrase “genetic scripture” in a National Geographic magazine about his work and that began a series of pieces exploring his life and how it started a discourse that continues between religion and science.

I thank mentors Charmaine Johnson, Barbara Bickel and Jeanne Krabbendam in particular.


I usually work on wood, starting with a wash of paint, then add images from magazines, photos or transfer images. Then the fun begins! I use various materials to build up layers. Some people have said the work has a “dreamlike” quality and I’ve enjoyed watching people trying to look under the upper layer to see what’s beneath. I go through an exploratory process, usually over months, and sometimes years, building things up, and then sometimes, pulling off areas.

Thank you to mentors Charmaine Johnson. Barbara Bickel and Jeanne Krabbendam.

I also thank all the friends and peers with whom I have made art.

I have shown with Artists In Our Midst – the annual westside art walk, at various restaurants, community centres and Unitarian churches. In 2012, my show with Louise Bunn Transmutations was at the Amelia Douglas Gallery at Douglas College.

While working with the Community Arts Council of Vancouver I learned a lot about   community-engaged art, environmental art, relationship aesthetics and other forms of art which take it out of the galleries and academia. I am exploring opportunities of engaging as an artist in this work. Let me know if you have some ideas for collaborative projects.

A yearly retreat to Hornby Island, where everyone’s an artist, is the time my art practice often shifts as I take in the environment, the community and the art in this very special place.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;    we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


One Comment to “Visual Art”

  1. I have such a book and it is lovely. I can’t lay my hand on it in the moment but since I have been reflecting on what matter most to me I wanted to give you and E idea for engagement. That is ultimately what I am seeking … ways to stay engaged with the universe, with people and with my own creativity.

    Rock on!!!

    BTW The other word that I have been reflecting on is Acceptance. There is a key that I have been looking for that is embraced by this word. True acceptance of myself and others just as we are (I am) would bring such peace. I know because even the small steps that I have taken in this direction have made a difference.

    BTW Differnce is a good word too! This is such fun

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