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January 29, 2011

Unfollow – tweets

I haven’t got with the program on twitter and the jury seems to be out on whether I should. I just changed my password as i’d forgotten it, found out I’ve posted an embarrassingly low 14 tweets, and most of the last tweets received were from one person. I have now unfollowed her.  These new negative words are odd. On Ning you click “Stop following.” I’d rather stop following than unfollow. But that’s me.

January 1, 2011

Beautiful First Day

It was a cold but beautiful first day of the new year.

Walked a labyrinth with a good friend.

Had westcoast eggs benedict at Ferguson Point Tea House.

The waiter seeing our dark clothes, removed the white napkins, saying, “I’ll get you black napkins so you don’t get lint on you.”

It’s a nice restaurant and this seemed like a nice, albeit odd, thing to happen.

If the restaurant is so nice, though, why do their white napkins have lint?

My friend suggested we take the napkins as a souvenir, especially since I seemed to see some significance to being given a black napkin on New Year’s Day.


Jan. 2, 2011

Just went googling and found all I ever needed to know about black napkins. This blog claims 75% of restaurants have black napkins available.

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