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July 15, 2008

Personality Type

By a quirk of fate, I’m needed to facilitate a session using Myers-Briggs personality type–something I did a lot of several years ago.

I’m excited about revisiting this with a group of 30 Unitarian congregational leaders.  (I’m an ENTP – what are you?)

July 13, 2008

Home from Hornby

So I’m back in sunny Vancouver and looking forward to the Vancouver Folk Festival – about the closest Vancouver gets to Hornby culture.

Oh, yes, and a week of back-to-work between now and then.

I always think about how to “take Hornby back home” – I often collect stuff and buy products that are to remind me to be who I am on Hornby.

July 9, 2008

Hornby Island Days 6, 7 and 8

Have you noticed a trend here?

Fewer postings. More days without checking into the computer access centre.

Day 6 got invited for a kayak paddle. What was going to be a very brief “beginner’s lesson” turned into several hours. Yesterday helped build a compost bin — it made me very happy. My part was to cheer on and then fill it with dry leaves and stuff.  and share my opinions about compost.  I need to find transport for some red wrigglers to get to Hornby island to help it along.

Today it’s farmers’ market again – my last for this year – and  a talk “Under the Maple” at Heron Rocks Friendship Centre: All about shrubs.

And then tomorrow, I leave Magic Island till next year.

July 5, 2008

Hornby Island Days 4 & 5

Went on the Home & Garden tour today. Highlight was learning about the “straw bale” composting toilets, etc  at the “Depot”.  Vermicomposting and evaporating-gardening (there’s some other word , but I forgot it.)  The straw for the straw bale building didn’t materialized, so they used crushed cans for the first 6 feet or so then chiquita banana boxes filled with newspapers for the rest.  Only place I know where a washroom is a tourist attraction.  (oh, and I “bought” a few more items from the Free Store while in the neighbourhood.)

Last night to Arbutus Arts to see Stevi’s opening of “Shirtworks” – shirts from El Dumpo on canvas and painted. Quite incredible. Hate to steal her idea, so I’m trying to think of what other clothing item I might use for my own series – baby clothes? overalls? socks? all sound good to me. However, admittedly on Hornby Island some ideas don’t actually sound quite as intriguing when I return home.

It rained last night and off and on most of today. Camping is less fun in the rain.

I’d put the fly up the night before. My friend Linda oft says: best time to fix the roof is when it’s not raining. Best time to put the tent fly up is *just before* it starts to rain. Because if it *doesn’t* rain, one has the “skylight” effect – very nice.

OK, so off to see the new Indiana Jones movie at the Hall.

July 4, 2008

Hornby Island Day Three

Can you say “free”?

At the free store I heard a man say what I had said when I first came here: Is it *really* free?

I remember noticing the Cashier and going, oh, right, *some* stuff is free and other stuff you pay for. Nope. Its all free. Money passes hands if you’re leaving Absolute Garbage. You pay to leave stuff but never to take stuff.

There was a Haute Hornby fashion show (the 4th annual) at the Hall so I felt in need of new duds to wear. I got a great Liz Claiborne mauve cardigan, but realized it was way too tame for what was being shown at Haute Hornby. Think art-rageous. In fact, it’s performance art, not a fashion show, really. Local luminaries like Paul who just retired from the co-op, both current doctors and the last doctor, too;  and the postmaster, etc. were the models. Much was made of the fact there were 7 men modeling this year.

With altered books on my mind it was a little odd to pick up a Holy Bible (the kind with onionskin papers and a leather cover) to find the Lovers card from the Tarot deck inside.

I had just finished my first Steve Berry book and found another one there.

And got a very nice knife and spoon, having forgotten mine somehow.

All in all, a good day at the freestore.

Tonight I go to the art opening of Stevi who has shirts glued on canvas and then painted. I got a sneak preview and loved it.

July 2, 2008

Hornby Island Day Two

So you’ve never sung O Canada led by a marimba band on the beach?

Or had the tug-o-war turned into a tug-for-fun when the 30 and up women were pitted against each other: visitors vs Hornby and they formed a circle, chanting “no more war”?

But that was yesterday.

Today – off to the farmers & artisans’ market – in a new shady and more spacious spot. Made sure all the regulars were there plying their wares and offering to cusomize anything your heart desires. You have beach glass from Nova Scotia to incorporate into a stained glass window? no problem! You like the bracelet but it’s too large? no problem!

But some artists have moved off Hornby – to Victoria and another has her house up for sale – “ready to return to the city” she says.

The show at the community hall has prices from $500 to several thousand, but most have the price crossed out with the phrase “talk to the artist” added at the bottom.

Now, back to musing and pondering.

July 2, 2008

Alter and Altar

I’ve just learned about “altered books” – using a used book as a “canvas” on which to paint, affix, stamp or draw your art. 

So then when I saw a notice to “bring something for the alter”, it made me think about the connection between these two words.


July 1, 2008

Hornby Island Day One

Ah, I arrived yesterday and feel I’ve been here much longer. I have come earlier than usual and there are some things that are different. I saw blooming cactus on my first Helliwell walk. Given the heads up by someone who’s been coming here to their parents’ place for 30 years. And then a jogger told me about the young eagle sitting very close to the trail about a kilometre ahead.  I think there may be fewer tourists than the August long weekend where the Island quintuples its normal population of a thousand.

Locals are ready to receive guests – after chatting for a while I bought 2 books in the book store – but not so bombarded and frazzled they have no time.

I’m sitting on the red cedar benches at the computer centre. Two years ago these were new and bright yellow and had a strong, pleasant smell. 

Today is Canada Day and I’ll be heading for the 9pm singing of O Canada and fireworks @ 11pm.

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