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January 31, 2015

Alpha to Omega and Home Again

IMG_20150126_085421-1Labyrinths have been of interest for some time  maybe 20 years. Almost. And now I’m revisiting my interest. Labyrinths are on m mind –and on my easel.

Here’s a 16″x16″ one that I’m calling “Alpha to Omega and Home Again”. It was inspired by an image a friend sent me with a finger labyrinth that looked like it was words cut from magazines on a black background.  Mine also has words but, as is my wont, I’ve partially covered them with acrylic paint, Kroma crackle, self-levelling gel etc.

The little bubble that says “Talk” in the lower left is about “no talking on the labyrinth.”

I have three others in progress. I’ll post after I work on them a bit more.


Never Felt So Good – Labyrinth inspired by sand labyrinth at Spanish Banks by Les (c) Mary Bennett – early stages

One is  25″x62″ collage representing the labyrinth in the sand at Spanish Banks.

Another is on a 30″x40″ canvas that I think will be a group project.

The little one on canvas board might not work out. Some art has to get sacrificed. Sorry. That’s the way I work.

January 30, 2015

Bird on the Beach – Facebook Challenge Day 5


The day that Pete the plastic bird was photographed and laid to rest and then recycled.

Toast1I nominate Jane Williams and Derek Irland, intrepid companions on the B on the B project.


from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC.

To the right “skins” of the Northern Fulmar, the inspiration of this project from Beaty Biodiversity Museum (Thanks, Ildiko). NF is shown alongside related birds.

To the right is Derek photo-documenting the “autopsy” of Pete the Plastic Bird. (All good things must come to an end.) After this he was recycled, some parts the worse for wear.

Above some lovely FriendMas birds created at a free workshop “Put a Bird on It.” Thanks to MLA David Eby’s Community Office for hosting and Vancouver Trade School for organizing.

It’s been fun to focus on uploading three photos each day – I took a rather eclectic approach, I think.

I now also nominate any friends who hesitate to call themselves an “artist” – to step up and claim the title and your creations as art! Let me see what you create. Please.

Post to facebook and I’d be honoured if you mentioned my name as encouraging you to claim your art!




January 28, 2015

Artists Facebook Challenge Day 3 – I nominate YOU

Solar Energy, 8"x 8" on board, Tarot Card series

Solar Energy, 8″x 8″ on board, Tarot Card series

The rules are simple, but I haven’t followed them completely. I’m supposed to nominate some other artist each day as well as posting three photogs of my artwork.

Well, as a catch up – I nominate any of the 40 members of Artists in our Midst who haven’t done the Facebook challenge or enjoyed it so much they’d like to do it again.

I’m certainly enjoying seeing art by friends from as far away as Newfoundland, so I’d like to see this keep on going.

Can anyone trace this back to its beginning? when? who? a big bang or divine intervention?

The Moon Sees Me, 8"x8" on board, Tarot Card Series

The Moon Sees Me, 8″x8″ on board, Tarot Card Series

I see that poets have now joined in and extended artist to include new genres.  What’s your art? join in and claim me as your nominator.

For today, two of my tarot series Solar Energy and The Moon Sees Me.

I’m working on two new pieces on sun and moon as part of the mapping series. Stay tuned. Watch the sky. (Or facebook where I’m posting pieces that aren’t quite finished. A couple of likes or so and it helps me motivate myself to complete them.)

January 27, 2015

Gain a Day / Lose a Day – Facebook Challenge Day 2, Photos 1-2

Lose a Day, mixed-media collage 12"'x12"

Lose a Day, mixed-media collage 12″‘x12″

These two collages were the first with my new bright colours purchsed after viewing an exhibition from Mexico at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology. There’s maps and leaves on them and coated with pouring medium which makes them look like resin (without the health hazard.)


Gain a Day (c) Mary Bennett

Gain a Day, mixed-media collage, 12″x12″

In an old atlas I found the little explanations for what happens when you cross the International Date Line.That idea always fascinated me as a child.  As metphor, what does it mean to lose a day or gain a day? Some days do seem to be either lost or found.

January 4, 2015

Full Moon 8:54pm PST Sunday

Music to accompany your first full moon of 2015:

Several upcoming events that are tied to moon phases are:

Lunar New Year (Chinese new Year)

Chinese New Year should be the new moon closest to the beginning of spring (in the northern hemisphere),

Chinese New Year will always fall between January 21 and February 21.

Although it can be complicated. Check out this website for more information:

The Year of the Sheep is coming up!


According to the Bible, Jesus’ death and resurrection occurred around the time of the Jewish Passover, which was celebrated on the first full moon following the vernal equinox.

And that’s more complicated too.Check here if you’re curious:

Or make your life easy and just check into


January 2, 2015

That Went Well

A friend gave me a datebook and a note titled “the gift of mental health” for Christmas (actually Solstice/Yule). (Yes, she’s a therapist and no, I wasn’t the only one she gave this to).

The technique she said was simple and she professed it was the “winner” of all happiness strategies.

You record three things that went well that day every day. The explanation included it didn’t even have to be anything you were responsible for. I’m keeping the datebook and a pen beside my bed and most days I remember to write in either at night or in the morning. But a lot of things have been going well — so well I forgot to write — and so last night I reminisced over the previous few days and found it easy to recall three things that went well for those days I’d missed.

It doesn’t take much time and I’m finding easier to think of three things that went well than things I’m grateful for –although it’s not really all that different. So this morning I wanted to share it with friends and so I google searched “mental health happiness went well”. Here’s one of the blog posts I found with lots of footnotes, in case you’d like to try it out.

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