My life’s work happens at the intersection of creativity and connection.

The values I bring to my life and my work include:

CURIOSITY: Bringing curiosity, creativity and collaboration with me to my connections with others means I am open to diversity and the possibility of transformation.

LEARNING: Whether from the internet, books and especially through relationship, learning creates change in ourselves and our world.

PERSONAL RISK: I admire those who take physical risks but my realm is in self-expression and openness to change. I try to model inviting feedback, trying out new approaches and connecting with people who may be considered  “other”.

My work in the world  promotes curiosity, learning and creativity that results in people having a fuller life and engaging with the world in new ways.

As a catalyst, I help people discover their own inspiration, courage and motivation and the resources and tools that support commitment and empower action.

Learning is essential to change and change is essential to life–I do what I can to both engage in and encourage both learning and change.

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