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November 4, 2010

Keep Building

The prime directive from grandson is: Keep Building.

Blessed with multiple grandparents, we all have to position ourselves, so I’m the Crafty Grandma. I arrive with the shoe boxes of craft supplies (mostly gleaned from Urban Source).

Recently when I stop to just admire their imagination and concentration, four-year-old Lukas looks over and says, “Keep building.”

When I explain that sometimes I like to stop and just admire their work, he says, “Keep building.”

I’ve been quite struck by this simple instruction. It feels like he’s the guru at the top of the mountain and this is his instruction to acolytes who come. Why not: Keep building, as a prime directive?

I’ve explored what might be going on in that darling little head and various people have suggested that he likes watching me and learning about art-making; he likes it when all 3 of us are building together – kids don’t get a lot of chance to be part of a team instead of the subordinate and I know from my training as a primary teacher, kids that age do “parallel play” – they like to be with other kids doing things, but not building together.

Anyhow, if you need a horoscope message or mantra, why not try “Keep building” on for size and see what happens.

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