#LOL – new hastag Also #progressiveswhocareabouttheconservativepartyleadershiprace

OK, So I’m betting my proposed hashtag #LOL for Leitch and O’Leary. As in, let’s have less #LOL on my facebook feed, will be catchier than #progressiveswhocareabouttheconservativepartyleadershiprace but so far no one’s proposed something shorter that says it. I’ve rejected #progressiveconservatives as I’m #progressive but not #conservative.

But I *am* concerned about the CPC Leadership Race. After all, all of us will be impacted by the Leader of the opposition.

So I’ve been following coverage and feel there’s too much #LOL. imho. fwiw. btw.

Here’s an edited (just shortened not changed) email exchange I had when I objected to what I saw as an increasing coverage — esp with photos of #LOL or #OL in particular.

Read from bottom up. Otherwise it makes little sense.

I feel comforted. And looked at some of your other columns online and see what I perceive as more balance there.

May it be so!

Take care,

On 2/6/2017 11:25 AM, JOURNALIST wrote:

It is not similar to the coverage of Trump. He was on every  American’s TV, on many channels, 24/7. Most Canadians would not recall there is a Conservative leadership campaign on right now.

But the point is that writing occasional political columns about a candidate is normal. That’s what I do in every leadership race. Putting them on e-talk and morning shows is not.

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From: Mary Bennett [mailto:maryinvancouver@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2017 1:58 PM

Subject: Re: no more O’Leary and Leitch features please

Thanks for your quick response. You are not the only journalist I’m sending a message to.

And I hope it will not be similar to the US coverage, but that’s what I’m seeing so far across the board.

Take care,

On 2/6/2017 10:55 AM, JOURNALIST wrote:

Thanks for your note Ms. Bennett,

I understand your sentiment, but I think it is misplaced. It’s one thing to bemoan the attention that Donald Trump got in constant coverage on 24-hour news channels and in nearly every medium. It’s another to moan about an article about a leadership candidate’s performance in his first debate. I write columns about politics, and that includes writing columns about aspiring prime ministers and candidates who might win the leadership of one of the country’s major political parties. Mr. O’Leary is exactly that. It’s not unusual. It is relevant, and it’s not gratuitous. And it’s not comparable to the wall to wall live coverage of Mr. Trump.


—–Original Message—–
From: Mary Bennett [mailto:maryinvancouver@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2017 1:18 PM

Subject: no more O’Leary and Leitch features please

Re: your column along with the 5×8″ photo of my least favorite candidates.

Although I don’t vote conservative, I’m aware that the Leader of the Opposition has impact on the country and at least the media. I watched the entire CPC debate and have been following some of the candidates.

IMHO O’Leary and Leitch are among the least suited to this role and many of us are bemoaning the attention that Trump got through media in the months leading up to what many of us thought was an unthinkable election, inauguration and executive orders left and right.


So far my favorites are Michael Chong and Lisa Raitt with Deepak being the most adorable.

Andrew Scheer who I don’t agree with on much is the candidate who has received the most endorsements by fellow MPs.

Surely professional journalists can find something newsworthy beyond those two!

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  1. Good for you. CTV did the same thing when they were in Halifax: interviewed OL, Chris Alexander and perhaps one more. But to their credit, the host made OL look bad- in my eyes. But to staunch cons he would look like a saviour with his few messages: grow the economy by 3%, Trudeau has no idea what he’s doing, only I can talk to DT, and, I’m an immigrant and pro immigration.

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