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March 29, 2016

Mashup at the VAG for seniors – by donation on first Mondays

Here’s a tip for those of you over 65. The Vancouver Art Gallery is offering seniors the special opportunity to visit “by donation” on the first Monday of each month. 10 am to 1 pm. I’ve now been to MashUp five times. The member newsletter recommends going multiple times, but I may not have a lot more visits in me. They also recommend starting from floor 1 and working your way up – which is in reverse chronological order.  Me, I’m a 4th floor kind of gal.MONDAYS:  April 4 | May 2 | June 6

On the other hand, if you go frequently and enjoy the  guided tours on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, here’s another tip. I did the math for you. Seniors can purchase a one-year membership for $55. All memberships come with two free passes to bring a friend (of any age). Since the regular price for a one-day visit is $18 for seniors and $24 for adults, if you were to come just once with two friends, the total value would be $66. You’ve already saved $11 and you can visit any time over the remaining 350 days or so.  As a member you also get to bring a guest to opening nights. Make yourself popular.

The other thing I learned recently is for persons with disabilities (of whatever age) their membership comes with an additional membership card for a caregiver  I went to the opening with my friend, Keiko Honda, who is in a wheel chair and I certainly learned that this would be a welcome and needed benefit.  As we were trying to leave (exhausted), I realized in a busy room people standing simply don’t see someone in a wheelchair. Just at the moment Keiko asked her 11-year-old daughter to walk in front of her, it had finally dawned on me that without someone “blocking” for her, it would be very slow and very frustrating. At times such as when we were getting into the elevator, the other visitors were very respectful and polite.

I got a few other insights into some of the accessibility issues. Some display cases are difficult or impossible to view the contents from chair-height. They’re designed to be looked at from above. Keiko very graciously said, “Yes, I do get a different perspective.” Also, while I can understand that they want people to use the stairs and escalators if possible, if I wasn’t already familiar with how to find the elevator, it would have been difficult to find.

The show is interesting, more about that later. I’ve been five times now. Membership has its benefits. Another member and I have dropped in for less than an hour when we’re downtown for other reasons.

March 21, 2016

Brighten up your Breakfast with Jackie’s paintings

Photo by Cole Dudley

Photo by Cole Dudley

Bright and Cheerful; Tasty and Nutritious: Good Combo at the Naam

The Naam is two blocks from where I live and I’m exhibiting with Jackie at her house in June, so I’m especially enjoying this show.

From now until March 29, you can go to the Naam Restaurant any time 24/7 and view Jackie Conradi-Robertson’s joyful paintings while you enjoy the reliably good food at this Kitsilano iconic restaurant.

She has 22 acrylic paintings ranging in size from 8”x8” to 30”x40” on display at the Naam Restaurant. When I interviewed her I tentatively asked her if she felt my description of her work as “bright and cheerful” was how she would describe her paintings. She laughed and said, “Yes, you can see on my website I say that I’m not interested in expressing my innermost feelings.”

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March 15, 2016

I went to Opus for ONE red China Marker. I came home with 5 plus another $55 worth of supplies

photo 3

I used the red China marker for an arrow and a line, heightened and extended the line from the pattern tissue and then did some rubbing. #workinprogress

photo 1

I’m working on a series of 8″ x 8″ mixed-media pieces on deep canvas. These may be about 75% done. But what the other 25% will bring…? I don’t know as yet

I went to Opus for ONE red China Marker. I came home with five markers plus another $55

worth of supplies. If I get under $100 I always feel I did OK.

The backstory here is this. A friend of mine took an art class with Nicholas Wilton – “best course ever”.  So I’ve been accidentally learning some of his techniques, from Jane and from his blog and e-newsletter. Thanks, Nicholas and Jane.

Jane and I both do mixed-media and live 3 blocks away from each other so we’re often chatting on the run around the neighbourhood. I’m gardening; she’s driving by. I’m walking by her house en route for grocery shopping and see her on her porch.

Ever since seeing her first batch of 12″x12″ Nicholas-inspired pieces I’ve been wanting a China marker (aka grease pencil).

photo 2

I used the white China marker to extend the lines of the letter A I’d collaged on. Then I rubbed the blue marker onto the polka-dot texture I’d made with paint and gel. #workinprogress #staytuned

I’m working on some pieces that my art partner friend suggested I incorporate an orangey-red as a complementary to the green, so off I went to Opus to buy one red China marker.  After phoning, because when I was last there I couldn’t find them — very high top shelf, way beyond eye-level for someone under 5’4″.

Now I’m googling around to see how other artists use them and to be honest not finding a lot.

I *do* like Kathleen Pequignot’s work though and not surprised to see she’s an art abandoneer as am I. or on facebook

Although China markers are not part of this blogger’s list, one of the comments included it, and, hey! I like the idea of doing a blog post with “my favorite art supplies.” I’ll do that. maybe tomorrow.

My favourite art supplies!

What are your favorite art supplies?


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