Fringe So Far

Wednesday morning update: 22 Shows and counting…

Tuesday Shows: Go/No Go – Great. Can’t wait to see it on a main stage with circus performers, especially the clown doctors.

A David Lynch Wet Dream – I liked it. It’s weird. But I like weird.

Slumber Here – Yes, and I’ll go back for another dose. Midsummers Night Dream in site-specific format. Delightful

5-Step Guide to Being German – Thumbs down from me. Too many jokes that are of the variety: A Bavarian, a Muslim and an Australian go into the bar. A friend used to stop her kids and say: OK, say that joke as a Canadian, a Canadian and a Canadian… and her kid would say: But then it’s not funny. Her point: it probably wasn’t then! Besides anything else an average Fringe show is 60 minutes not 90. So since I felt this was below-average, 45 minutes would be enough. I hadn’t realized it was so long (although it felt that long), so missed seeing the next show I’d hoped to get in.

Monday Shows:

Ain’t True and Uncle False – I agree with the positive buzz. A feel good piece.

Everybody Dies in December – I’m now an official Nancy Kelly fan.

Hyena Subpoena – again the Buzz is right. Except this is the kind of text I wish I could read afterwards. Catherine Kitt is great. Here’s a youtube video with an excerpt.


More Fringe shows

Top pick for yesterday was Katharine Ferns is in Stitches. But be aware if you are or ever have been a feminist let alone abused, battered, depressed … you may well find it very distressing as well as very funny. Important, I’d say.  I’d planned to do another

If you ponder the nature of the Life, the Universe and Everything, you’d enjoy the Immaculate Big Bang. Probably some interest and knowledge of world religions makes it funnier.

I loved Your Princess is in Another Castle with the Roller Derby Saved My Life performer, Nancy Kelly. My friend said she liked the other show: Everyone Dies in December so much, she was disappointed in this one. New word: fe-man-ist – because feminist is so not gender-neutral. I thought the guy playing slam poet/prince charming was excellent.

The buzz (yes, the buzz is well under way now) told me to go see Field Zoology 101. Loved it too.

I like to check out the site-specific shows mentored by the Only Animal, so did 2/3 of Waterborne BLUE program – and then headed to Katharine Ferns at Performance Works.

All in all, a great non-volunteer day at the Fringe.

I’m actually loving standing in the rush lineups chatting with other volunteers and performers.

So… that’s 15 Fringe shows and counting.

I was going to try to find links to reviews for all of these, but you can google yourself, right?

If you have comments – add on facebook…



September 10th post

  1. 50 Shades of Dave
  2. Indefinable Soul
  3. The Euphio Question (Kurt Vonnegut)
  4. A Night at the Rose Coloured Discotheque
  5. Beaver Dreams
  6. The Inventor of All Things
  7. Shadowlands
  8. Periscope

All good. If you can only catch two of these, go for 50 Shades of Dave and Shadowlands (closes Monday)!

First vollie year without a super pass or kick-ass pass. It’s OK.  Just requires different strategies. You need a Plan B and sometimes Plan C. For RUSH pass volunteers – just go for the large venues. Lots of fun conversations in line-ups.

Yesterday: Sold out Bombay Black and OBIT. Probably at least Bombay Black will continue after the Fringe somewhere. And probably no chance of rush tickets at Arts Umbrella, esp An Arrangement of Shoes and Andrew Bailey’s show.



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