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September 20, 2015

The answer is 26 (You thought it was 42, didn’t you?) – Q: How many Fringe shows?

The Fringe is over. Turns out in spite of being pretty busy with some other things, I actually managed to attend 26 shows. Not my personal best, but pretty good nonetheless.  Here’s what I saw:

  1. Chris and Travis
  2. DAREU
  3. Edgar Allan
  4. Eurydice
  5. Falstaff
  6. Faroe Islands and Ostrich
  7. For Body & Light: Bear Dreams
  8. Going On
  9. Grandma’s Dead
  10. James & Jamesy in the Dark
  11. Just Watch Me
  12. Kiss Around Pass Around
  14. Middle of Everything
  15. My First Sony
  16. Nashville Hurricane
  17. Oh! the Humanity
  18. Olya the Child
  19. Porn and Pinochet
  20. Saturn Returns
  21. The Birdmann
  22. The Exclusion Zone
  23. The Fighting Season
  24. The Inventor of Everything
  25. The Seven Lives of Louis Riel
  26. The Vaudevillian
September 14, 2015

Sold Out Shows – but still lots of options

I’m predicting Nashville Hurricane will be sold out. Already Wonderheads’ Middle of Everything and Chris & Travis’ Improv Show have had some sold out shows.  Brain, I’m told, is sold out for the entire run. (Darn! I was hoping to see that – but the good news is that the Fringe now gives us Fringe shows throughout.

Tonight I hope to see Faroe Islands and Ostrich at 9:45pm. It was “comped” out, and I’m taking a chance I’ll manage to get a ticket at the venue.

I also hope to see 1, 2, 3 or many of:

5pm Spookeasy; 6pm The 7 lives of Louis Riel; 6:55pm Birdmann and 8:30pm LOCO+HERO+JOE.

OK, I know it’s actually not possible to do all of those. So maybe 2 of them…

If my Fringe pals say they’re going to some of this I might make going with a friend the priority, so shoot me a note.

Others on my must-see list for the rest of the week include:

The Fighting Season and The Wild Dog Waits on the Concrete.

Taking the grandkids to the Vaudevillian on Sunday afternoon. There were more family-friendly shows this year than usual.  Edgar Allan while very good and is “all ages” in that there’s no sexual content, it wouldn’t have worked for a 9 and 12 year old. My friend felt it wouldn’t have worked for her two high school-aged girls either.  I’m told Keith Brown Exchange would be great for kids.

I’m glad to have more choices but I’ve learned to ask the performers when they’re promoting their show, “OK It says “all ages”. Would my grandkids aged 9 and 12 love it?”  You can count on Fringe performers to be honest.

My reviews will be posted at  Stay tuned.


September 11, 2015

Humanity at Half Price – Can’t Beat That – Fringe Day 2

I saw Oh, the Humanity! and other good intentions tonight.

The main thing I want to say is you should see it if you ever, ever wonder about life and death and christenings and funerals and what can you say to a roomful of people whose relatives were killed in a plane crash?

And, oh my! if you dash down to the Firehall for the noon show on Saturday, you get it at half off – $7, although it’s very worth the regular price of only $14.

By Will Eno, the show is a series of 5 short, short plays with between one and three persons.

Some lines are laugh out loud funny but then you wonder: should I be laughing at that?

Need to read more before you commit? Here you go:


September 8, 2015

Thursday – Fringe Opens

Mary’s First Thursday Fringe Schedule

I am so looking forward to opening of the Fringe Festival. Tied with DOXA – Documentary Film Festival, this is my favorite arts festival of the year. I volunteer for both and pretend I’m out of town on vacation and try to do nothing but attend shows. I probably won’t break my personal best record of 32 shows which I did last year as I have a few times I have to return to normal life, but I’ll do my best.

If you haven’t attended the Fringe, you might be overwhelmed if you pick up the program guide and don’t know where to start.  So I’m posting the shows I’m attending so if friends attend, at the very least we can go to the Fringe Bar afterwards and talk about what we liked–or didn’t.

FRINGE TIP: Safe bets are to go for ones that have won “best of Fringe” at other festivals.

I’ll be writing reviews for Plank Magazine again this year–posting 6 reviews by the end of the first weekend, so you can see what I say by following there or here.

Thursday, 10 Sep, 8:15 pm, Revue Stage, 1601 Johnston St, GI,

Kiss Around Pass Around

Facebook Event:

From the event page:

Kiss Around Pass Around Vancouver Fringe Festival 2015
Fantastical physical comedy by award-winning Japanese artist SHOSHINZ

About the Show
Kiss Around Pass Around is a fantastical solo physical comedy with a stunning sound design by Yanomi.
A mysterious creature is wandering the world looking for its daddy. North, south, east, and west… leaves, wind, water, thunder – for a peculiar traveler, anything can serve as a compass. This unruly innocent creature will sneak in and steal your heart.

Patron’s Pick & Best International Show -Orlando Fringe 2015
Artists’ Pick -Cincinnati Fringe 2015

“Her animation is intoxicating… Kiss Around Pass Around is truly precious.” – Orlando Sentinel
“CRITIC’S PICK … I need to go see this terrific show again.” -City Beat
“The fringe-iest entry of the year. It’s definitely a Fringe experience I’ll remember for years” -Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

Created & Performed by: Yanomi


Fringe Tip: I try to see as much as possible, so I typically pick one show I really want to see and then see how many others I can see on the same day.  So after committing to Kiss Around Pass Around I’m also now going to book for:

Play Venue Area Day Time Length Page
Edgar Allan Revue Stage 05:00 PM 47
Brain Arts Umbrella 06:15 PM 56
Kiss Around Pass Around Revue Stage Granville Island 08:15 PM 46
September 4, 2015

6 Guitars becomes 4 Characters – Chase Padgett back at Fringe

When Chase Padgett kept getting up on stage again and again at the Fringe awards last year, he humbly commented that not everyone loved his show and quoted a review he’d had elsewhere. But Vancouver, and it seems Canada, loved 6 Guitars where he inhabits 6 characters playing guitar in 6 different styles.

So I’m definitely looking forward to Nashville Hurricane at the Revue Theatre. I’ll be attending the first show on Sunday, September 13 @ 6:45pm.  You are advised to book your tickets in advance. Even for the first show I think there’s a good chance it’ll sell out. Maybe see you there or at the Fringe bar afterwards?

Here’s a review from Calgary:

September 3, 2015

Fringe at Firehall on Friday

Love the #vanfringe. Love #alliteration. Love #frequentfringer passes.

So you’ll be seeing regular blog posts from me over the next 17 days as I use my Super Pass (Thank you Fringe! thank you #plankmagazine!) to see if I can top my personal best of number of Fringe shows in an 11-day period.

If you are not quite as fanatical as I am, here’s a Fringe-Lite suggestion. Buy a 4 pass Frequent Fringer for $40. Add a $5 membership and you can join me for Four (count ’em) shows at the Firehall on Friday, September 11th.

Can’t handle that? Bring a friend and you can each attend two of the shows.

At least as fanatical as me? Then go for the 30-show pass for $270 (an average of $9 rather than $14 in case you don’t do math). Most shows are 60 minutes give or take a bit – so it’s not impossible to do 5 in a day.  Although, admittedly it can be a bit mind-bending. Be sure to fuel yourself between shows with good food, drink and conversation.

Here’s what I’ll be seeing at the Firehall on Friday, September 11 – There’s a break between each show. Maybe you’ll join me to chat and have a beverage between shows?

James and Jamesy in the Dark 05:00 PM
The New Conformity 06:45 PM
Oh The Humanity And Other Good Intentions 08:30 PM
The O.C.: The Musical 10:15 PM

Speaking of F-words, I always bring the grandkids to at least one show, so I’ll be searching the Family Friendly shows and posting the list in case, like me, you want to encourage small children to love the Fringe in particular and live theatre in general.  I *do* wish they wouldn’t schedule the Few Family Friendly shows after 9pm!




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