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October 9, 2016

Louise Bunn’s Salon on Poetic Landscapes

lbunn6x10Louise Bunn and I will have a shared art exhibition in January at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. 

Louise is working on paintings inspired by alchemical processes and my work will be the series that I’m calling: It May Be a Sign (but what could it mean?)

I’m eagerly awaiting The First Signs by Genevieve von Petzinger about the 32 geometric signs found in caves that go back before the beautiful paintings by mammals.

The Creative Neighbours Salon on October 23 will feature Louise talking about “Poetic Landscapes” and I of course will be there as well as one of the hosts for the series.

RSVP is very much appreciated so we can plan as space is limited.


July 18, 2016

Insert Words – and she did

If you’ve heard about the 91-year-old woman sometimes called “the old lady”, crone, “hapless pensioner”, granny or… retired dentist who took the title of the piece as instructions you might be interested in seeing the piece by Arthur Kopcke. I didn’t find it easy to find an image and still am curious about the size. My understanding is “Insert Words” is the title of the piece. Here’s a link to (not very good) images:

He has others titled “Fill with Imagination” – showing a white hole in the centre. Maybe someone will do an Arthur Kopcke colouring book so we can all add to art works that could be mistaken for cross word puzzles and fill collages with our own imagination. Indeed, I might do a series as homage to Arthur Kopcke along with my “Signs” series.

Good thing no one took the piece titled “Cut Along the Lines” literally.

The series is called Reading Work Piece. I learned Kopcke died in Copenhagen and has another series that in English (translated from Danish) means Best Partial Contexts.  Now, that I could fill with my imagination!

Here’s the Telegraph article:—only-to-discove/

What did she use? A ballpoint pen it seems.

Through my google searches I learned a lot more about the other artists who were part of the Fluxus movement. Several had pieces in the recent MashUp exhibit at the



March 21, 2016

Brighten up your Breakfast with Jackie’s paintings

Photo by Cole Dudley

Photo by Cole Dudley

Bright and Cheerful; Tasty and Nutritious: Good Combo at the Naam

The Naam is two blocks from where I live and I’m exhibiting with Jackie at her house in June, so I’m especially enjoying this show.

From now until March 29, you can go to the Naam Restaurant any time 24/7 and view Jackie Conradi-Robertson’s joyful paintings while you enjoy the reliably good food at this Kitsilano iconic restaurant.

She has 22 acrylic paintings ranging in size from 8”x8” to 30”x40” on display at the Naam Restaurant. When I interviewed her I tentatively asked her if she felt my description of her work as “bright and cheerful” was how she would describe her paintings. She laughed and said, “Yes, you can see on my website I say that I’m not interested in expressing my innermost feelings.”

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