International Bird Art Installation Day is coming

Doing my bit for International Bird Art Installation Day on October 7.

Saw Susan Cain at the Hornby Island Farmers Market and suggested she take her little “love birds” out around Hornby and photograph them on October 7.

Then overheard a conversation and surmised that I was in the presence of Alastair Heseltine an artist I’ve been wanting to meet for some time.  He invited me to come over and see his studio and one of the pieces was a caged bird. When I told him about October 6, he said it was an exercise in a workshop so there are other birds on the Island.

I hope to see some Hornby Island birds photographed and posted at the facebook group.

Here’s info from the facebook group:

The link to the website:

Worldwide artproject initiated by Ed Hanssen: make a bird, put it in a tree, make a photo and set him free on 7th October.

The creation of connection and The connection of creation.
(Quote by: Annemarie Stuivenberg)

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