No straw. No ice. No cream. No sugar. Please.

I just posted the following to White Spot’s facebook page. I knew that avoiding plastic straws was going to be challenging. The friend I was with suggested I get a business card size item made and just put on the table any time I’m at a restaurant. Since I drink my coffee black, thought I’d add that too. A retired sign-maker calls these the, “no no no no no” signs.


NO STRAWS PLEASE. I recently pledged as part of a focus on eliminating plastic straws to not use them. The trouble is, it’s so rare I have a hard time doing a “preemptive strike”… Now most stores ask: do you need a bag? In the old days, you had to be quick and say; NO BAG. I HAVE MY OWN. Serving a plastic straw with water (came with ice, even though I did say NO ICE.) is just not a good thing. Please stop automatically putting plastic items in beverages. You know what? I’ve heard Tofino restaurants now have PAPER straws. This could be a White Spot Heritage thing – Nat Bailey didn’t use plastic straws, right?

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