It’s raining on the labyrinth, and that’s a good thing

The thing about being a gardener is that you like sunshine and you like rainfall just as much.

I was motivated by the expected rainfall to do some gardening in my labyrinth at 49th and Fremlin – harvested some compost and added to some of the transplanted calendula too. I’d spent four hours yesterday and three on Tuesday, trimming some of the edges, so was surprised when a friend arrived last night and said, “Your labyrinth is looking ‘wild and woolly’.”

“Well, parts are wild and woolly and other parts have been tamed. It’s a dance,” I replied.

I love that people come by and chat with me.  Last night two men probably in early 40’s complimented me, “I like your design.”

“It’s a labyrinth,” I responded. “A walking meditation.”

“Cool,” they said as they checked their smart phones and walked on.

I usually do at least some work on Sundays after church, so I’m looking forward to checking on the balance between wild and woolly and tamed, domesticated.

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