Could it be a sign? And if so what does it mean? – my current art series…


Three friends pointing to their favorite sign – at the Roundhouse Artists in Our Midst opening Wednesday, June 15.


This is the “before” picture. I delivered the 12 pieces and got to put them in the order I felt they worked best. The following day, they went up on the wall and lighting adjusted.

I’ve been working on a series of small 8″ x 8″ canvases that are loosely grouped as “signs”. Many have letters or numbers; Some have labyrinth symbols; some maps. In a way, it’s just a continuation of other work such as “Mapping the Journey” (lots of maps) and “Incubating Poetry” (lots of words that could be incubated into poetry).

Saturday morning before heading off to sit with my art – mainly the “signs” series (that was still looking for a more interesting title) – I heard a CBC interview with Genevieve von Petzinger about her book The First Signs.

Could that be a sign? And if so.. what does it mean?

I tend to pay attention to synchronicity so have now put the book on hold at (I’m #16 for two books). and have been googling all over the place, liking her page and photos etc.  After several hours I have finally found a place where the distinct geometric signs she’s catalogued can be viewed.  She says 32, but this lists 28, so not quite sure, but I’ll find out why four of them aren’t included.

Here you go:

I’ve collected way too many links and ideas to put it all here, but fortunately Genevieve has quite a distinctive name so if you want to know more, GIYF (Google Is Your Friend.)

So I think I’ll call my series: Could it be a sign? Maybe even with the subtitle “and if so, what does it mean?”

And further more, I consider “meeting” Genevieve at the start of an art show weekend means that I should keep thinking about and making art about signs.

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