Art and Philosophy at DOXA Documentary Film Festival

Compared to some of my Unitarian friends who prioritize the (overtly) social justice films at DOXA, I always feel like a little bit of a light-weight as I go to the schedule and click “art” and “philosophy” to select my top picks. That said, I was volunteering last night with a first-time volunteer who was of the social justice priority type, affirmed that “art is about social justice.” I so like nice people.

She and I got to go in to see “Love Bite” about the art of Laurie Lipton. Filmmaker Scott James was there and we got to tell him afterwards that we were both going home to google “Laurie Lipton”.

Her current work is commentary on the negative side of the U.S. culture and society, especially technology and greed.  She calls the series Techno Rococo.

She comments in the film that when she was speaking to a group of high school students about her critique of how the country is going, she was asked: But what are you DOING besides complaining?

Her answer: I draw.

She draws about 12 hours every day.  To see what she produces (currently very large pieces, approximately 6′ x 9′) go to her website or facebook page (where close to 150,000 people LIKE.

Lots more films at DOXA – If art is your thing, The Final Escape on Tuesday night is about the cave drawings in France. It’s my top pick. I begged to move my book club in order to attend (They complied.) #doxa2016




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