I went to Opus for ONE red China Marker. I came home with 5 plus another $55 worth of supplies

photo 3

I used the red China marker for an arrow and a line, heightened and extended the line from the pattern tissue and then did some rubbing. #workinprogress

photo 1

I’m working on a series of 8″ x 8″ mixed-media pieces on deep canvas. These may be about 75% done. But what the other 25% will bring…? I don’t know as yet

I went to Opus for ONE red China Marker. I came home with five markers plus another $55

worth of supplies. If I get under $100 I always feel I did OK.

The backstory here is this. A friend of mine took an art class with Nicholas Wilton – “best course ever”.  So I’ve been accidentally learning some of his techniques, from Jane and from his blog and e-newsletter. Thanks, Nicholas and Jane.

Jane and I both do mixed-media and live 3 blocks away from each other so we’re often chatting on the run around the neighbourhood. I’m gardening; she’s driving by. I’m walking by her house en route for grocery shopping and see her on her porch.

Ever since seeing her first batch of 12″x12″ Nicholas-inspired pieces I’ve been wanting a China marker (aka grease pencil).

photo 2

I used the white China marker to extend the lines of the letter A I’d collaged on. Then I rubbed the blue marker onto the polka-dot texture I’d made with paint and gel. #workinprogress #staytuned

I’m working on some pieces that my art partner friend suggested I incorporate an orangey-red as a complementary to the green, so off I went to Opus to buy one red China marker.  After phoning, because when I was last there I couldn’t find them — very high top shelf, way beyond eye-level for someone under 5’4″.

Now I’m googling around to see how other artists use them and to be honest not finding a lot.

I *do* like Kathleen Pequignot’s work though and not surprised to see she’s an art abandoneer as am I.

https://society6.com/studio318 or on facebook https://www.facebook.com/studio318

Although China markers are not part of this blogger’s list, one of the comments included it, and, hey! I like the idea of doing a blog post with “my favorite art supplies.” I’ll do that. maybe tomorrow.

My favourite art supplies!

What are your favorite art supplies?


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