Is 16 too many resolutions? May increase chance of attaining one or more…

Sometimes I use some kind of a structure to make my New Year’s resolutions. Long ago I used the 8 polarities on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which, among other things, had me pursuing matching towels (check!) and spiritual development (well…)

16Strivingsbook 16desiresbookThis year I’ve decided on the 16 Desires outlined in Steven Reiss’ book: Who Am I?

Since the idea is that we all have all 16 but some are more emphasized than others, it seems good to honour the ones that come naturally to me, like curiosity and social contact, while tending a bit more to the ones I need a reminder about, like tranquility and order.

It will be an interesting model to examine in any event. The friend who introduced me to this work just recently saw that he has a new book out called  16 Strivings for God. Here Reiss develops the theory that people embrace religion because it provides them with opportunities to satisfy all 16 basic desires both in strong form and in weak form.


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