Freecell is *not* one of the F’s in the 5-F goal-setting plan.

I make new year’s resolutions. It helps me to review where I’m spending my time and energy and adjust things. I’ve never resolved to lose 10 pounds or work out in a gym. Although maybe I should!

I’ve had a goal buddy for almost a full year — a result of thinking about how to achieve the resolutions I made last year. We talk every Monday morning for 2-10 minutes, review what we said we’d do and set new weekly goals.  It’s a good thing. So one of my goals for the coming week is to make a year’s worth of goals/resolutions. My goal buddy has a system with various categories of resolutions and goals, and I thought I should do the same. So here are some of the things I’ve found on the web, in case you might be interested too.

I like this 5-F one, partly because it’s reminscent of a time I had a group of Friends who met for Food, Friendship and Fun.  (Hi, there, Jackie, Jack, Lynn, Sheila…)

I think it’s good to have a mnemonic to keep on track.

I have to remind myself that my bad habit of having a few games of Freecell whenever the computer is open is not a sixth F!

But if you need 10 categories, here’s another approach:

This came with no explanation other than “explore the honesty circle”, so I guess it’s an evaluative method, but seemed it was a nice mandala approach to goals.

After a search and two games of Freecell, I’ve decided to make my own categories that will include:

Food – growing, cooking, sharing

MY environment – gardening, my apartment, the co-op

THE environment – what can one person do?

FAMILY – esp kids, grandkids and siblings and also niblings

visual art – making, showing, selling, lending – getting it in circulation

DANCE – more dancing at the Unitarian church with more Unitarians dancing

Art workshops – more playdates with Mary – come join me

Health and fitness – more walking, stretching, massage

FRIENDS – I am blessed and pledge to nurture my friendships.



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