The answer is 26 (You thought it was 42, didn’t you?) – Q: How many Fringe shows?

The Fringe is over. Turns out in spite of being pretty busy with some other things, I actually managed to attend 26 shows. Not my personal best, but pretty good nonetheless.  Here’s what I saw:

  1. Chris and Travis
  2. DAREU
  3. Edgar Allan
  4. Eurydice
  5. Falstaff
  6. Faroe Islands and Ostrich
  7. For Body & Light: Bear Dreams
  8. Going On
  9. Grandma’s Dead
  10. James & Jamesy in the Dark
  11. Just Watch Me
  12. Kiss Around Pass Around
  14. Middle of Everything
  15. My First Sony
  16. Nashville Hurricane
  17. Oh! the Humanity
  18. Olya the Child
  19. Porn and Pinochet
  20. Saturn Returns
  21. The Birdmann
  22. The Exclusion Zone
  23. The Fighting Season
  24. The Inventor of Everything
  25. The Seven Lives of Louis Riel
  26. The Vaudevillian
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