Sold Out Shows – but still lots of options

I’m predicting Nashville Hurricane will be sold out. Already Wonderheads’ Middle of Everything and Chris & Travis’ Improv Show have had some sold out shows.  Brain, I’m told, is sold out for the entire run. (Darn! I was hoping to see that – but the good news is that the Fringe now gives us Fringe shows throughout.

Tonight I hope to see Faroe Islands and Ostrich at 9:45pm. It was “comped” out, and I’m taking a chance I’ll manage to get a ticket at the venue.

I also hope to see 1, 2, 3 or many of:

5pm Spookeasy; 6pm The 7 lives of Louis Riel; 6:55pm Birdmann and 8:30pm LOCO+HERO+JOE.

OK, I know it’s actually not possible to do all of those. So maybe 2 of them…

If my Fringe pals say they’re going to some of this I might make going with a friend the priority, so shoot me a note.

Others on my must-see list for the rest of the week include:

The Fighting Season and The Wild Dog Waits on the Concrete.

Taking the grandkids to the Vaudevillian on Sunday afternoon. There were more family-friendly shows this year than usual.  Edgar Allan while very good and is “all ages” in that there’s no sexual content, it wouldn’t have worked for a 9 and 12 year old. My friend felt it wouldn’t have worked for her two high school-aged girls either.  I’m told Keith Brown Exchange would be great for kids.

I’m glad to have more choices but I’ve learned to ask the performers when they’re promoting their show, “OK It says “all ages”. Would my grandkids aged 9 and 12 love it?”  You can count on Fringe performers to be honest.

My reviews will be posted at  Stay tuned.


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