Fringe at Firehall on Friday

Love the #vanfringe. Love #alliteration. Love #frequentfringer passes.

So you’ll be seeing regular blog posts from me over the next 17 days as I use my Super Pass (Thank you Fringe! thank you #plankmagazine!) to see if I can top my personal best of number of Fringe shows in an 11-day period.

If you are not quite as fanatical as I am, here’s a Fringe-Lite suggestion. Buy a 4 pass Frequent Fringer for $40. Add a $5 membership and you can join me for Four (count ’em) shows at the Firehall on Friday, September 11th.

Can’t handle that? Bring a friend and you can each attend two of the shows.

At least as fanatical as me? Then go for the 30-show pass for $270 (an average of $9 rather than $14 in case you don’t do math). Most shows are 60 minutes give or take a bit – so it’s not impossible to do 5 in a day.  Although, admittedly it can be a bit mind-bending. Be sure to fuel yourself between shows with good food, drink and conversation.

Here’s what I’ll be seeing at the Firehall on Friday, September 11 – There’s a break between each show. Maybe you’ll join me to chat and have a beverage between shows?

James and Jamesy in the Dark 05:00 PM
The New Conformity 06:45 PM
Oh The Humanity And Other Good Intentions 08:30 PM
The O.C.: The Musical 10:15 PM

Speaking of F-words, I always bring the grandkids to at least one show, so I’ll be searching the Family Friendly shows and posting the list in case, like me, you want to encourage small children to love the Fringe in particular and live theatre in general.  I *do* wish they wouldn’t schedule the Few Family Friendly shows after 9pm!




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