How long does a bee live after it stings a human being?

I’m watching an insect move very carefully, i.e. Slowly, sluggishly. Is he a bee? There was a bee at the art demo at Opus and as a bee ally I tried to speak in favour of the bee. It’s ok. If it’s a bee not a wasp, it’s ok. Then the woman on the end says: it stung me. Alex and I decided to leave for various reasons, including I don’t want to be stung by an insect – whether bee or wasp, although wasps are more dangerous to me. Alex said it must have been a wasp as otherwise it would have died. But now I wonder how soon does it die? Maybe it wonders around slowly, sluggishly until death comes. Incapable of stinging again, or even flying.

I will ask my facebook friends: How long does it take a bee to die after s/he stings someone?

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