DOXA takes me on A Walk Down Memory Lane and then Pow! Right into the Present

At Doxa Day 6, I went to see She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry and it brought forth many memories. Many memories. The woman beside me gasped when they showed Help Wanted – Women and Help Wanted – Men ads. I said, “Yep. I applied to those jobs.” The conflicts, confusions, self-doubt, anger, enthusiasm, optimism, resentment – all that and more brought both smiles and tears to me as I watched these “women libbers” now in their 60s and 70s and their younger selves in the film.

The post-film discussion with panelists introduced as “some young feminists” seemed to take the attitude of objecting to the admittedly celebratory tone of the film. A woman in her 70s or so stood up and said, “We did not mess it up. I was part of a group that founded the first abortion clinic in Vancouver and it’s still running.”

News that Rachel Notley took Alberta with the NDP was greated with what I heard as disdain from two of the three panelists.

Ah, yes, conflict among the ranks. I remember it well.

Here are the panelists:

Jarrah Hodge is the founder and editor of the feminist blog, and has been published in the Vancouver Observer, The Tyee,, Bitch Magazine and The Mary Sue. Jarrah is also a volunteer organizer for the Vancouver chapter of Women, Action & The Media (WAM!).
Lucia Lorenzi is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at the University of British Columbia, as well as an anti-violence blogger at Her activism focuses largely on sexual assault in educational institutions. Her research interests include trauma theory and Canadian Literature, and her dissertation examines the relationship between silence and sexual violence.
Leah Horlick is a writer and poet from Treaty Six Cree territory in Saskatoon. A 2012 Lambda Literary Fellow in Poetry. She identifies as a nonZionist Jewish lesbian of mixed descent, and currently lives on Unceded Coast Salish Territories in Vancouver, where she co-curates REVERB, the city’s only queer and anti-oppressive reading series.

The DOXA Festival Justice Forum series and panelists can all be found here:

See a 3-minute trailer here.

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