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May 6, 2015

I Heart the Yes Men – DOXA Day 7

Today I saw #chicagoGirl – great film, rollercoaster of emotion, sad in the end, even sadder after hearing the Q&A update on Syria afterwards.

Fell asleep several times in the 3pm film Rivers and My Father. I’ve been spending too much time in darkened rooms with comfortable seats but tend to agree with the Father in question that a lot was repetitive and unclear.

The hit for me today was The Yes Men Are Revolting. I’ve loved them since they called Sarah Palin pretending to be Prime Minister Harper and this was a rollicking movie at the same time excruciatingly serious.

Also a nod to Sean Devlin who did a great job of suggesting that “we all could do a little bit more.”

Tomorrow off to:

7:00 PM VT From My Syrian Room [France/Syria/Germany/Lebanon/Qatar] Justice Forum
Satire & Subversion
9:00 PM CIN Le Paradis (Paradise) [France] French French
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