20 Things I know a lot about – a writing exercise

At the Grind Writers’ group today, we were asked to take five minutes and write a list of 20 things we know a lot about. To my surprise, it was then suggested we introduce ourselves by reading our list.  Oh, well, as they say, “in for a penny, in for a pound.” What do you know a lot about?

1. identifying west coast weeds (as opposed to vegetables or flowers)

2. the smell of the Pacific Ocean

3. mixed media techniques

4. Myers-Briggs personality type

5. how to visit someone in hospital

6. planning workshops, leading meetings

7. labyrinths

8. cooking soup from whatever you have around

9. bglttti2sqqa issues (and, yes, I know what all those letters stand for)

10. being friendly

11. Unitarian churches

12. Kitsilano

13. the smell of a boy-child’s scalp after sweating

14. how to set up a googlegroup

15. pagan rituals

16. ecological despair

17. housing co-ops—plus, minus and interesting

18. great arts and culture opportunities in Vancouver for free or cheap

19. traffic circle gardens

20. being Mary/merry


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