Bird on the Beach – Facebook Challenge Day 5


The day that Pete the plastic bird was photographed and laid to rest and then recycled.

Toast1I nominate Jane Williams and Derek Irland, intrepid companions on the B on the B project.


from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC.

To the right “skins” of the Northern Fulmar, the inspiration of this project from Beaty Biodiversity Museum (Thanks, Ildiko). NF is shown alongside related birds.

To the right is Derek photo-documenting the “autopsy” of Pete the Plastic Bird. (All good things must come to an end.) After this he was recycled, some parts the worse for wear.

Above some lovely FriendMas birds created at a free workshop “Put a Bird on It.” Thanks to MLA David Eby’s Community Office for hosting and Vancouver Trade School for organizing.

It’s been fun to focus on uploading three photos each day – I took a rather eclectic approach, I think.

I now also nominate any friends who hesitate to call themselves an “artist” – to step up and claim the title and your creations as art! Let me see what you create. Please.

Post to facebook and I’d be honoured if you mentioned my name as encouraging you to claim your art!




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