Artists Facebook Challenge Day 3 – I nominate YOU

Solar Energy, 8"x 8" on board, Tarot Card series

Solar Energy, 8″x 8″ on board, Tarot Card series

The rules are simple, but I haven’t followed them completely. I’m supposed to nominate some other artist each day as well as posting three photogs of my artwork.

Well, as a catch up – I nominate any of the 40 members of Artists in our Midst who haven’t done the Facebook challenge or enjoyed it so much they’d like to do it again.

I’m certainly enjoying seeing art by friends from as far away as Newfoundland, so I’d like to see this keep on going.

Can anyone trace this back to its beginning? when? who? a big bang or divine intervention?

The Moon Sees Me, 8"x8" on board, Tarot Card Series

The Moon Sees Me, 8″x8″ on board, Tarot Card Series

I see that poets have now joined in and extended artist to include new genres.  What’s your art? join in and claim me as your nominator.

For today, two of my tarot series Solar Energy and The Moon Sees Me.

I’m working on two new pieces on sun and moon as part of the mapping series. Stay tuned. Watch the sky. (Or facebook where I’m posting pieces that aren’t quite finished. A couple of likes or so and it helps me motivate myself to complete them.)

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