Gain a Day / Lose a Day – Facebook Challenge Day 2, Photos 1-2

Lose a Day, mixed-media collage 12"'x12"

Lose a Day, mixed-media collage 12″‘x12″

These two collages were the first with my new bright colours purchsed after viewing an exhibition from Mexico at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology. There’s maps and leaves on them and coated with pouring medium which makes them look like resin (without the health hazard.)


Gain a Day (c) Mary Bennett

Gain a Day, mixed-media collage, 12″x12″

In an old atlas I found the little explanations for what happens when you cross the International Date Line.That idea always fascinated me as a child.  As metphor, what does it mean to lose a day or gain a day? Some days do seem to be either lost or found.

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