That Went Well

A friend gave me a datebook and a note titled “the gift of mental health” for Christmas (actually Solstice/Yule). (Yes, she’s a therapist and no, I wasn’t the only one she gave this to).

The technique she said was simple and she professed it was the “winner” of all happiness strategies.

You record three things that went well that day every day. The explanation included it didn’t even have to be anything you were responsible for. I’m keeping the datebook and a pen beside my bed and most days I remember to write in either at night or in the morning. But a lot of things have been going well — so well I forgot to write — and so last night I reminisced over the previous few days and found it easy to recall three things that went well for those days I’d missed.

It doesn’t take much time and I’m finding easier to think of three things that went well than things I’m grateful for –although it’s not really all that different. So this morning I wanted to share it with friends and so I google searched “mental health happiness went well”. Here’s one of the blog posts I found with lots of footnotes, in case you’d like to try it out.

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